Winter Maintenance


Snowplowing & Winter Removal Services are essential when keeping your property/business safe and easy to navigate during the winter months. Even if you have your own equipment or employees, we will take care of all your snow plowing & salting needs to make your life easier and more efficient. Our experienced professionals always go above and beyond regardless the weather or time of day to keep your home and business operational all winter long.


Our Snow Removal Team offers state of the art Plowing, Salting, and Snow Removal services at a moment’s notice. This includes de-icing that will avert melted ice from re-freezing when the temperature drops again, preventing slippery surfaces from reforming. We work diligently with every customer whether you are Residential or Commercial to define the exact scope of work before the season starts – so nothing is missed when the snow arrives. You can give us a call/contact-us anytime for a free estimate and our personal guarantee to provide you with superior services like no other. At the end of the day, we truly work hard to live up to our reputation for Knowledgeable crews, Top-Notch Services, and Outstanding Results -“Because at Signature Paving & Sealcoating – our Signature is what we stand by.”